Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

Today we began our day with a pre-breakfast passage prep for our trip along the coast of Dominica from Roseau to Portsmouth. Once underway, we broke the fast with a scrumptious tray of lemon poppyseed muffins, sliced honeydew melon, and some yogurt. The morning trip took around two and a half hours and put us right near the mouth of the Indian River in Portsmouth. Once anchored, we got our rain jackets on and hopped into a tour boat that took us up the river as we tested for salinity at different points farther and farther upstream for an Oceanography lab. We got out of the canoe at a little cafe in the middle of the jungle, where we ate our packed lunch and drank delicious passion fruit juice and sorrel juice. As we slowly drifted through, iguanas, birds, and crabs greeted the boat from the lush forest around us, as the steady rain flowed down on the leaves, a little bit of nature’s music. After the river excursion, we prepped yet again for the passage to Les Saintes. As we sailed, we were greeted with a pleasant beam reach and a drizzle, which persisted through the evening, making for a cozy dinner of quinoa and sweet potato down in the salon area.