Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

To everyone reading this, your morning may have looked something like this: Wake up around 7-8 am, grump around in bed for a few minutes, roll out, shower, make a cup of coffee and move along with the day. Ocean Star, on the other hand, woke up around 5:30 to the sound of chain links dragging. No time for comforts like warm clothes and coffee, we sprang out of bed and onto the deck to deal with the storm. By the time we had gotten everything sorted and had gathered back in the saloon, everyone was too awake to take advantage of the last hour before the wake-up call. Cold and wet, we sat in the dark studying for our ominous Oceanography quiz. Also, If any of you are thinking, “how could you ever be cold with the Caribbean’s tropical weather?” you would’ve been shivering too, had you been subject to sheets of bullet-sized rain and fifty knots of wind. Due to such conditions, we didn’t end up diving today and instead spent a long while catching up on homework and studying for exams. In between our study sessions, we took a break to watch White Squall, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed even with the sad ending (disclaimer: this trip will be nothing like the voyage in that movie). The heartbreaking ending did have one benefit in that it brought us all closer together as a crew and as a family. Day by day, I am continually impressed and overwhelmingly pleased to see firsthand how incredible the nineteen others on this boat truly are.

1-Selfie time
2-Lenox and Isabel at dance class (ft. Pierce’s foot)
3-Mid-movie cuddles