Location: Underway to Gran Canaria

Dear Mom,

I am doing good, how are you? I have made friends and am having a fun time. All of the staff members are really nice and take great care of me. We are making our way to the Canary Islands and will be there tomorrow morning. Everyone is very excited for the cooking class we will be taking when we get there. I really miss you and Dad. I sure hope you guys have not forgotten about me. How is Luna doing? We don’t have any dogs aboard Argo. I miss your grilled chicken. Claudia made chicken today that reminded me of it. I am also allowed to use Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce which is amazing. I know you don’t like it because of the high fructose corn syrup. Oh yeah, I also ate three pieces of chocolate cake at seven o’clock this morning. After dinner, I made everyone do their best Batman impression, and it was very funny. We also learned that both Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift sound better if sung screamo style. How are Sophia and Adam? One of my peers is named Sophia, and she spells it the same way. What a small world. Try not to worry. I get plenty of sleep. I go to bed no later than 10 PM…usually. I know at home my bedtime is 9:30, but I am older now and thought I could stay up an extra 30 minutes. I miss everybody, and can’t wait for you to meet me at the airport with a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald’s, maybe a large french fry too. Well, tell everybody I love them, and good luck!

Lots of Love,
Jakey Pooh Bear XOXO

1. Lance: Hard working, kind, friend to all, and deeply misses Texas Roadhouse
2. Michael: One of a kind, great love for apples, and enjoys long bike rides
3. JP: A Dude, nice guy, enjoys skiing, and loves college life… whatever that means

Current position: 2933.23’N x 1605.24’W