Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Some onboard disagree, but I think that oatmeal is a great breakfast, so I was happy to hear that Celia (our head chef for the day) would be making oatmeal for breakfast this morning. After starting the day off great with this meal, we cleaned up and headed to marine biology. Today we learned about sponges (which it turns out are animals) and jellyfish. Then we went right into leadership, where we took a test to see what type of leader we are, then argued about whether the test was fair. For lunch, we were treated to burgers and fries, which again turned out really well. Since we are going to be leaving for Saint Vincent tomorrow, we also got to start prepping for the passage. This just meant making sure nothing was loose in the salon and moving scuba gear before we finish the rest up tomorrow. After doing this work and taking a quick seamanship quiz, everyone got to have quite a bit of free time in the afternoon. Today was windy and kind of cloudy, but everyone still managed to make good use of this time, with some people laying out on deck and some others hanging out in the salon and playing games. After taking this nice time to relax, Sam arrived back on Ocean Star after doing the hard work of buying food for 18 people. Everyone was very excited to receive more fruit, cereal, and loads of other foods. So far, student-led meals have been going really well, and this trend continued with Celia’s chickpea masala, which was very popular among the crew. Tonight at dinner, we talked about our favorite places, and I think everyone is planning on getting a good night’s sleep before we get to see a new place, Saint Vincent.

Picture 1: Sunrise at Falmouth Harbour
Picture 2: Celia and Julian holding potatoes as they make lunch
Picture 3: Everyone getting ready to take our seamanship
Pictures 4 and 5: Crew working on passage prep
Picture 6: Some of the group going for a swim
Picture 7: Hanging out on deck at sunset