Location: Bonaire

We arrived in Bonaire a little after midnight last night with watch team two (Calum, Leoni, Sonnet, Jordan, Bennitt, Maddie, Katie, and I) on watch. After a long 3 days of passage, we tied the boat off at the dock and went to bed. Luckily, our wake-up call was extended so we could get some extra rest. As the sun rose, many were waking up early to check out the new place, which made my job as a skipper for wake-ups much easier, as I only had to wake up 3 people. Shortly after wake-ups, we gathered at the cockpit and got briefed by Tom, as he informed us that we would have to walk to the immigration office in order to get our passports checked in person. After about a 20 minute walk (which was actually really fun), we got there and waited while Tom was in the office. As he walked out, he informed us that the immigration office decided that they do not want to check us each individually, which had us hype because we knew how long it would take. We then hiked back to the boat just in time for lunch.

After lunch, we got hit with some more good news. We had some free time to go enjoy the town and some stores. Since we already hiked across the town for the immigration office, most of us already had some places in mind. I straight-lined for a cold coconut milkshake witch couldn’t have tasted any better. Many people stocked up on snacks and drinks before heading back.

The benefit of being tied up to the dock is that we get to use marina showers. Most of us took that opportunity to get a lengthy, somewhat warm shower with plenty of room. Since the showers are across the marina, we have to make a mini hike. While walking to the showers Anthony, Colm, and I saw some wild flamingos in the distance. Before dinner, we had some hours of free time witch most of us used to study for the midterms that are coming up in the next two days. For dinner, we had some pasta from our chef team of Colm, Katelyn, and Bennitt, which was a little late but delicious, and brownies for dessert from Andrea. Then we all got our cleanups done fast but efficiently in order to turn into the academic weapons that we are and study for the midterms. Overall, today was a good day.

P.S. Hello Penny. Joey, Joel, Jaimie, Ty, pops, and Dad, miss y’all wish I could drop the pin for y’all to pull up.

photo 1- Views during the dinner
Photo 2 – Academic weapons at work (Anthony, Sonnet, Will, and Jordan)
photo 3 – Colm, Anthony, and Max enjoying the views after getting cold beverages
photo 4- Chefs smiling before the chaos (Colm, Katelyn, and Bennitt)
photo 5 – Everyone enjoying the food after a long day