Location: Santa Maria de la Antigua

I had never been in English Harbour before this year, but now it’s the third time Oceanstar brings me here within the last couple of months. That makes it feel kind of familiar, but at the same time, every visit is different. When we were here in the spring, it was high season, and the harbor was packed full. Ocean Star had to squeeze her way Mediterranean-mooring-style into the dock. The town, the beaches, the harbor, were teeming with sailors, tourists, and all kinds of visitors. This time we arrived here at what some would describe as the “quiet season.” Marama is here, Aiyana is here, and a handful smaller boats, but Ocean Star has a whole dock basically for herself. Not all the stores are open, and we have to be more creative about finding entertainment for ourselves. However, this situation allows us to enjoy more of the local Antiguan style. We did that today by starting with a relaxing Sunday brunch in an attempt to recover some of the sleep we had missed the day before when we had an early start to make it to the dock as early as possible. Brunch was followed by a casual walk to Falmouth Harbour to observe the different types of docks and boats. The rest of the day consisted of plenty of shore time, what involved walks to Pigeon Beach, Caribbean food, the usual search for wifi connections to connect with family and friends at home, and preparations for the long-awaited night out at Shirley Heights. Shirley Heights is part of Nelson’s Dockyard National Park and offers a unique place to enjoy friends, views, and sunset.

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