Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

Waking up this morning in Carriacou, I was excited about my skipper duties that lay ahead. Knowing it was my responsibility to get Ocean Star ready for our extensive two-nautical mile trip to Sandy Island, I eagerly got through my breakfast and prepared to brief the crew. It was the nice and positive energy that flowed throughout the boat today, as we all knew a relaxing beach day was awaiting us after our 30-40 minute motor. After working with the anchor team (who were all in high spirits) and helping get the dinghy up, I went to the chart house to work on a review quiz game that Annabelle and I were creating for our fellow shipmates to prepare for tomorrow’s OCB exam. Though studying for exams is normally less than riveting, there was something extremely fun about creating a game that not only helped us study but helped provide the whole crew with just a little more confidence. After completing all of our responsibilities for the day, we had a long beach day full of rugby throwing, headstands, snorkeling, and much, much more! With all of the hard work the Ocean Star crew has been putting in, you could say we deserved a carefree day like this! Finally, we learned how to tie three different knots in our MTE class, and the crew is now finishing up cleaning duties for the day and getting together for a few final study sessions. It’s a nice life on Ocean Star for this group!