Location: Timbuktoo :-P

Yo Fans,

So we arrived at Green Island yesterday and had a very relaxing day, as Clayton pointed out in the blog post from yesterday. We had a very relaxing day as well today. We started with a fantastic breakfast of not-quite quiche cooked up by our dive instructor Tasty. After that, we set up one of the coolest things we’ve done with the ship in a while: the Boom Swing. What we did was hoist up the boom (the wooden bar that hangs parallel to the deck under the sail) and tied a rope to the end. Then we swung it out over the water and spent the entire morning jumping off the boat. Some of us even managed to climb to the top of the boom and jump from there. Pretty cool. After that, one of the crews (Jackson) did some rescue diving for a few hours while we laid out soaking up the sun. We also had a short lesson on how to operate the VHF Radio (very high frequency) and some basics on how to communicate properly with other ships. Finally, we ended the day on a little beach in the bay, where we barbecued chicken, hot dogs, and burgers. The beach was full of crabs and geckos, and after exploring and playing around for a bit, we headed back to prepare for our early start at St. Kitt’s tomorrow.

Ocean Star