Location: Lanzarote, Canaries

The Crew of Argo awoke this morning to the sight of Lanzarote, our first stop in the Canary Islands. Due to an unexpected rapid passage from Morocco, we decided to make an unscheduled stop in a quaint anchorage just for the day, allowing the shipmates to experience the much-fabled “Boom Swing.” A number of the crew rapidly set up the boat’s main boom so that it was now elevated and hanging over the water. Shipmates would then hurl themselves off the cap rail clinging onto a line attached to the end of the boom, letting go at the apex of their swing and back flipping, diving, or just plain old jumping into the water. Despite some less than graceful entries into the clear water below, everyone went into lunch with smiling faces having had a solid few hours decompressing. Following lunch, the crew sat down to the 2nd installment of a comprehensive 1st aid course, today covering CPR and major blood loss. An hour’s class of Navigation exercises and chart work followed on before some ventured back to the boom swing and attempted to tidy up their style points. Tonight’s meal of Pasta Carbonara included, for the 1st time, this trip, homemade Argo bread courtesy of Alex- left the galley smelling like a fresh bakery and content faces on everyone aboard. Happy Bonfire Night to everyone back home, enjoy the fireworks this evening!