Location: Isle Fourche

Today, we woke up to some classic “Buenos dias senor sol” and had breakfast, and this is what we did. We had a rescue diver intensive, which meant the following. After morning clean up, we had a dive for our rescue course, where we practiced dealing with panicked divers underwater if they were overexerting themselves or trying to ascend quickly to the surface, as well as making sure we always knew which way was up. This drill on overcoming vertigo involved being spun in circles underwater with our eyes closed and then identifying which way was up. After that, we had a bunch of surface drills with Drew, causing mayham on the water as a panicked diver and us practicing how to calm him down, approach, and take him back on the boat. Occasionally Meg or Heather would jump in as a panicked diver as well. Later we had our first run at helping an unconscious diver, which is much harder than many expected. Later, we had a fun cleanup.