Location: Les Saintes

The morning started off with delicious banana bread, yogurt, and fruit served up by head chef Corrine. After eating as much as we could fit in our stomachs, everyone was prepped and ready for some more emergency first-response practice. Today, we practiced moving people with spinal injuries who somehow ended up in strange places, such as on-the-line lockers or stuck between the windless and fo’c’sle. With skill practice wraps up, the crew is on edge to see what practice scenarios may come. Freddie and Drew are keeping them on their feet, talking about all the boat projects they may get into and which power tools they will need.

The rest of the morning consisted of some downtime, and most people took the opportunity to study for Freddie’s VHF exam that was scheduled for after lunch. After the VHF exam, it was time for my class, where we talked about polar seas and all the cool marine mammals that can be found in the Arctic and Antarctica. The afternoon wound down with the start of the Rescue Diver course videos and the long-awaited shore dinner and sign-out night at a French restaurant right on the water.