Location: Saba

Yesterday, we explored below the waters of Saba. Today was the opposite. We hiked up from sea level to nearly 3,000ft at the summit of Mt Scenery. The hike up was pretty strenuous, with hundreds of steps that were 1.5 times too tall and too long. The views as we hiked were amazing, and the vegetation in the cloud forest was very dramatic. The clouds cleared briefly while we were at the top, and we were able to see the tiny runway of the airport. We then headed down to the town called Windwardside, where we visited the studio of Jo Bean and learned to make glass beads. Most of the crew enjoyed pizza for lunch at Saba’s Treasure, a local nautical restaurant. We then headed back to the town called the Bottom and, from there, traced our steps back down the “ladder” from the old customs house, a little easier than on the way up. Back aboard, we showered and prepared the boat for our final passage back to the BVI’s. We set sail into the sunset after dinner. The evening was perfect, the seas extremely calm, not a cloud in the sky and many shooting stars. Everyone enjoyed some final quality time with their watch members as we made our way back to our starting point, the BVIs, where we began this adventure many days ago.