Location: Green Island, Antigua

Today started off with a nice breakfast aboard Ocean Star. After the usual clean-up that follows breakfast, we had MTE. During MTE, we practiced finding our positions, determining bearings, and calculating speed, distance, and time. After class, we quickly went through passage prep in the hope of getting to the shore to go to the store. However, this was not the case; Kris was ready to go. This was not unexpected, so we continued on. We released the dock lines and mooring line, picked up the anchor, and started out of the harbor. Green Island on the east side of Antigua is not far, but it was upwind or into irons, so we decided to go with the wind and tack up and down the coast. During the passage, some of the guys threw out a fishing line and caught a barracuda, which we attempted to release alive. When we finally arrived at Green Island, we dropped anchor as well as flaked the sails. Once this was accomplished, we put Irv in the water, and Kris took off. We finished putting the boat away and saw on the horizon not only Kris but KEELEY! She finally came back to the boat after time at home and not empty-handed. She bought bread for us all and a super snazzy hat for the skipper of the day. It took her about 3 minutes until it was like she had never left us.