Location: 28*10.365'S 43*45.406 'E

Another day at sea had a quiet morning consisting of an intense oven cleaning done by our very own Carly Spotts, a productive homework session with good music, and a yummy apple cake for breakfast.

After lunch, we had Marine Bio class, followed by seamanship, where we got the whole class to practice and study for our upcoming Nav Master exam.

The boat is still rocking, sending food, spatulas, and people flying across the salon. You must stay vigilant, or you could lose your food. Captain Bravesly says it’s going to get more rocky; even now, I see dishy buckets sliding across the deck attempting to commit inanimate object suicide as they make their attempt to jump ship into the Indian ocean.

Dinner was that fit for a king with some risotto that had similar characteristics to wet clay. We soon started to have risotto ball fights on deck with the leftovers instead of cleaning. Our boat is full of joy right now, our community has developed into a pretty well-oiled machine, and it seems we have felt closer than ever before. I cant wait to see what will be flown across the boat tomorrow!




1. Trey

2. Amy, Trey, and Martin

3. Cate, Emily, Sam, and Trey