Location: Underway to Tonga

Windy, wet, wobbly, wonderful. Four words that would best describe the conditions on this second day of passage and how everyone feels in general with what they have achieved so, especially since the seasickness meds have kicked in. Morning watch started out with a carefully pitched sotto (didn’t want to wake the people below that just got off watch) yet rousing rendition of the star-spangled banner. Spirits remained high for the rest of the watch, with a few mysteries from the night before being cleared up in the grey light of day. Eshed really is just that bendy! It was cold, though, almost like a good summer day at home in Donegal- wet and windy! But with everyone happily ensconced in his or her wet weather gear and excited for what the day had to offer, watch ended too fast for some. After a traditional Argo fourth of July lunch, we were educated on the characteristics of bony fish and some of the basic principles of journalism. Argo continued to rock and roll on forwards, eating through the miles, and with warm homemade fourth of July cookies on board, nothing tonight throws at any of the watches can possibly bring us down! Carm, my Lil’ possum, hopefully, chat with you soon!