Location: Machico, Maderia

Today a certain well-known DJ was tasked with leading quite possibly the most important day to this point. On this fantastic day we celebrated one of our most upbeat and cheery staff member’s birthday… Brahm! The crew was treated with an hour sleep in as they woke up and rushed to muster in the saloon in order to sing Happy Birthday. While we were evaded for a while, we eventually tracked him down and forced him to listen to our birthday praise. Immediately following that were some delicious chocolate chip pancakes and a classic fried egg with a candle in it for the birthday boy. The crew then prepared to go ashore for a beachside challenge course. We were treated to the feeling of sand between our toes as well as a number of fun activities including; human knots, blindfolded spelling and counting tests (harder than it sounds) as well as an ever shrinking safety tarp surrounded by a pool of lava. Upon returning to Argo it was time for Diddy Bag making class and a very successful birthday cake making adventure from a baking team the likes of which this ship has never seen before, which was led by the aforementioned DJ. We were also treated to some jump-in showers, leading to a lot of fun with flips and plenty of swimming around the boat. Then after gorging ourselves on a magnificent dinner the Argo crew were delighted to see a “proper amount” of chocolate cake made from scratch with love. The immediate aftermath has left us all energised and extremely excited to tackle the day ahead, for more long term effects of the cake you’ll have to check back in with our skipper tomorrow. That’s all for today folks.


Pictured: Sunrise in Machico; Brahm’s birthday breakfast; leadership challenge course on the beach