Location: Galleon Bay, Antigua

7 am, it’s the skipper’s duty to wake up the crew, well, usually. Today was a little bit different. Around 6:40 am, we got a rough wake-up call. The fire alarm was set off by the breakfast crew making bacon. We all jolted out of bed to the sound of “there’s a fire, go to the deck immediately” and a loud siren. We were all informed that it was an accident and there wasn’t any fire. This will definitely be something we remember.

Now we were all awake and ready to start our day. We had a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast cooked by our amazing kitchen crew. After breakfast, we left the dock and anchored in a nearby bay. We got to raise and lower the anchor, which was really cool, and to get the boat on its way took the whole crew. This was a great start to the amount of teamwork we’re going to need for our upcoming sailing trips. I personally think we all did an amazing job and worked fast and efficiently with each other to get the job done. After we anchored, we did a boat tour. We separated into three groups and got full explanations about what things are on the boat and how things work.

Once all the groups went through the sections, we got to have sandwiches or wraps for lunch. During lunch, a few of the crew saw a turtle breach the surface, which was pretty cool. The students who are doing their open water had their theory class, divemaster students had a theory class, and everyone else went swimming or relaxed. I was in the open water theory, so we finished our last two videos, which took about an hour. It was a really hot and humid day, so once the class was over, we all went swimming and took our swim test. Everyone but the divemaster crew had to swim around the boat 4 times then float for 10 minutes. The divemaster crew had to swim 8 laps which were timed, and float for 15 minutes. Once we were all done, we got to swim around, and a bunch of us kept jumping off the boat playing a game. Basically, once you jump, someone yells a category, and you have to say something in that category before you go underwater. It was a lot of fun. We then had a lot of free time before dinner to catch up on any homework, meal planning, sleeping, and cleaning we had to do.

We then had a delicious dinner and then had squeeze. Today’s question was, “Where in the world would you most like to visit?”. Everyone’s answers were really cool, and it helped us learn a bit more about each other. We’ve all become significantly closer, and it’s only day 3.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow and the next 2 months bring.