Location: Underway to Fiji

For the crew of Argo, most have already begun adjusting to passage life affectionately referring to our watch schedule that augments our life into hourly blocks with our watch teams. Compared to the traditional 9-5 routine or, rather, in our case, 7-9, it is an opportunity to catch up on sleep as well as an opportunity to lose massive amounts of sleep. The key factor here is the swell direction and, thus, the role of Argo. In a game of charades, the average person would likely rock about 10-15 degrees on either side to depict a rolling ship, but the reality is more like 35 degrees on either side for the waves we were experiencing. A cumulative sum of 70 degrees of movement while trying to sleep would cause anyone difficulty, but having your stack of mattresses slide out from under you. At the same time, sleeping provides a new challenge to be tackled. Despite the difficulties, the crew rises to the occasion and prepares great meals, attends classes down below, and sails the boat in 24 hours, a whopping 215 nautical miles towards Fiji.