Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

This morning started out with a “wet entry” into Saba! Everyone was packing as much as we could into dry bags and trying our best to make sure our stuff remained dry as the dinghy took us as close to shore as possible. Luckily Captain Nick was able to safely get us to waist-deep water, so we held our bags up out of the water and walked up the 500-ish stairs up the town. The first town, “The Bottom,” was the beginning of our journey all the way to the “Top” (which wasn’t actually named that, but it should have been). Some of us managed to hitch-hike our way all the way there, while a few others walked all the way across and up to the other town! We were split up for the majority of our time on shore, but reports at the end of the day all sounded super fun! Some people hiked all the way to the “tippy top” of the island, some ended up at an outdoor gym, and even a restaurant with a pool! Almost everyone spent way too much money on scuba dive merch from the Sea Saba Dive Shop, and now most of us have matching shirts (which was unplanned but a fun surprise to learn at the end of the day that we all had the same shirt!!).
I ended up going to a small glassblowing shop where the employee made me a fish out of glass that I was able to turn into a necklace!
We ended the day swimming out to the dinghy and playing my favorite summer camp game: “Rock Paper Scissors Posse,” which ended in an exciting showdown between AJ and Hannah! (Congrats Hannah!)
Saba is my favorite island from this trip so far, and I’m super excited to dive here tomorrow! The photos don’t do it justice!