Location: Saba

The day began with the remnants of the night’s rain still lingering as everyone got together, eager for the first day on land at Saba. After a day and a half tied to the mooring just off the coast by the primitive Ladder that leads up to the town of The Bottom, students were anxious to begin the 1,000 plus steps up. We were dropped off by the dinghy about 30 yards from the shore, where we then had to jump in and swim to the bottom of the steps of the original only entrance to the island. After the scenic morning trek up The Ladder, students made their way into town for a free day, wandering and stopping in local souvenir stores and coffee shops. The welcoming energy of the island was exemplified when students were able to successfully hitchhike in groups up to Windward via friendly citizens driving school buses and other vehicles. The afternoon was filled with beautiful views of fog covered mountains and goats. Students were overjoyed to make their way to Jo Beans bead shop where they had the opportunity to pick out beads to make personal pieces of jewelry to always remember Saba by. All 16 students made their way to a local restaurant called Pirates Bay for fresh fish, burgers, and even chocolate cake for one of the best meals with a view yet. It was clear that Saba’s unique landscape and open arms made it one of the favorite stops of the whole trip. The rest of the day consisted of making it back down The Ladder and onto Ocean Star again for some reading, Finding Nemo, and dinner of hotdogs with beans and rice. It was the perfect day to lead up to the crew’s last voyage day en route back to the British Virgin Islands.