Location: Cape Town

Hey Everybody!
Day 3 was a massive success, and we took a safari at Fairy Glen Nature Preserve. Although we had to wake up a bit early, it was very worth it. Some people started the morning with a run around the waterfront, and the rest of us had a fabulous English breakfast, complete with baked beans. After boarding the bus at 8:00, we drove an hour and a half to the preserve, through gorgeous mountains and away from the coast. When we arrived, we boarded a smaller safari vehicle and drove through some vineyards until we arrived at the lodge. Once there, we were treated to some mango juice, and then we reloaded the truck and went off to meet the animals. 1st stop was the Zebras, Donkeys, and Zonkeys. The Donkeys were super friendly and enjoyed coming right up to people for ear scratches and pets. After ooo-ing and aaa-ing over baby donkeys, all hopes of humans ever beating a baboon were quickly quashed by our lovely and hilarious guide, Deon. We stopped quickly to pick up a tortoise, which felt strange but was still so cool. Moving on from there we drove past an elephant, and over to the Rhino, named Lady.

Lady had been attacked by poachers but miraculously survived, along with her mate. Unfortunately, her mate was rhino-napped during Covid, and now Lady is all alone, but the guides take excellent care of her, and she seems to be quite fond of them. At this point, it became a mission to get 0.5 shots of all our animal meetings and one that became quite entertaining. Driving a little bit off the rest of the preserve, we found ourselves in a beautiful valley with a gorgeous stream, swimming hole, abandoned chapel, and dam. Several of us took a serene dip in the crystal clear waters while the rest followed Deon to see the dam. When the swimming hole crew got out, we couldn’t find the rest of the crew and ended up exploring the abandoned chapel while we waited for their return. Post-dam/swim, we got up close and personal with the lions. While I’m not entirely sure the fence would’ve stopped them, it was still extremely cool. There were two female lions and one male, all siblings, and the male lion was quite a grump. He did not like the paparazzi, but the lionesses were quite relaxed and had gorgeous eyes. It was quite a bit after our 12:00 typical lunchtime at this point, and we headed back to the lodge for braai, a traditional South African BBQ. It is still undecided if the steaks were Kudu or beef, and we may never know. Lunch also provided ample opportunity for a second quick dip, this time in a pool, and then we were back on the bus and back to Vela. Post dinner, we are prepping for our first sail as a new crew on Vela! Today’s squeeze question was, “What is something you like to do to chill out?”. Hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy at home!
Signing off,
Maddy A.