Location: Richards Bay

Hello everyone! I am very excited to write about what may be one of the best days of the trip: Safari Day! We had an early morning wake-up, so we are on time for the ride the bus to the reserve. The hour-long ride gave us some interesting views of the landscape and life of South Africa, which were filled with some beautiful landscapes, animals, and homes. As we pulled up to the entrance of the reserve, we were surprised to see some elephants far in the distance! Some of the animals we saw on the safari included elephants, giraffes, warthogs, chameleons, birds, zebras, rhinos, impalas, and buffalos. Several of the animal species we saw had babies amongst their groups which made the sightings even more incredible. The tour guides taught us much about each of these animals and how they interact with each other. We were very surprised to see how close to the road some of these animals would come, giving us a clear view of them. During the middle of the safari, we stopped to have some delicious barbecue for lunch. After such an exciting day, most students took a nice nap on the ride back.

Once everyone got ready for dinner upon returning from the safari, we headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner. We played games, talked, laughed, and had a fun time relaxing together. It was an overall fun and exciting day that I dont think anyone will ever forget. We look forward to seeing you all soon!


Photos were taken by Mo 1-4 and Dylan5-6


2. Sierra, Ian, and Gillian

3. Henry Sam, Zak, Danar and Mo

4 Giraffe

5. Elephant

6. Cruising around