Location: Mountain Point

Another day inparadise,

Today began with what definitely was everyone’s favorite breakfast so far, stacks of pancakes and tons of toppings to go with them (a boat favorite is Nutella). After a huge breakfast we got a taste for sailing, keeping it simple, we sailed to a fresh new anchorage, one more secluded than our last and a prime for diving. Today more-so than the last couple of days, we separated into a few different groups, some relaxed. We caught some sun on the boat while others snorkeled near the beach in the turquoise waters and the beginner divers experienced their first open-water dive. I have to say the dive was a blast; we saw all kinds of different colored fish, parrot, and strawfish too! Everyone takes to winding down in the afternoon; we swim and play cards until dinner. Class isn’t even so bad because the boat has an AC system (even though it’s super tiny)!

Pirate in training
Kelcy T.