Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Today we set sail for our next destination, Nevis. Ocean Star had smooth sailing throughout the 9-hour journey with only one patch of rain. Jack decided to try fishing during this passage and was successful. He was able to reel in two barracudas with help from Chip. They were both released back into the wild after the fishermen showed off their catch. A few hours before we got to shore, we had a visit from a dolphin who decided to swim along with us for a few waves. This did not last too long but still was an added bonus to our adventure. This passage went much smoother, with fewer people becoming seasick and more being able to enjoy the sunshine and journey to Nevis.

Once we got to Nevis, we were able to sit down to a feast, which included Abe’s famous salami, Sal. This salami had been journeying with us from the beginning. After several days of drying, Abe decided today was the day to try the salami. Sal turned out to be quite delicious, and there was talk of finding another salami to replace Sal’s drying spot in the saloon. After this eventful dinner, we did the traditional squeeze. The question was, what was everyone’s greatest fear. There were a variety of answers, from drowning to heights. Tonight the advanced divers start their first lessons while the open water divers are finally able to relax after successfully completing their certifications. Tomorrow we will step foot on our next island and see where the adventure takes us next!