Location: Carriacou to Tobago Cays

Today we left Carriacou and sailed to Union Island, where we cleared customs into the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. While Jack, Mollie, and Tor went into customs, everyone else stayed on the boat and learned how to “heave-to,” which is where the jib is back winded, and the rest of the sails are eased out, so the boat is essentially not moving, only drifting with the current. Once everyone was back on the boat, we sailed for Tobago Cays! We arrived in style by sailing onto anchor instead of firing up the engine. It was a little tricky because there were so many boats around, but it was very successful! We got the anchor hanging and ready to drop. Then we were all on all halyards, ready to drop the sails. We dropped the jib first, then the anchor, the staysail, foresail, and finally the mainsail. Then Jack had us all line up on along the chart house and take a bow for anyone who was watching our awesome anchoring. Very fun day!