Location: Saba

I awoke early today, even for the skipper, to take my shift at anchor watch at 6 AM. I watched the sunrise over the uninhabited island, and as I woke the rest of the crew, I thankfully awaited a breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt. After breakfast, we prepared to sail off the anchor, which involves raising all the sails fairly quickly while simultaneously lifting the anchor off the sandy ocean floor. Sails went up magnificently, and after a scuffle with the temperamental anchor, we were underway.

The short 6-hour passage was uneventful. Even seasickness was kept at bay. We roared along at an impressive 9 knots, and soon Brad called, “LAND HO!” Most of us were able to get in a nice nap, but we were still all ravenous for cheddar broccoli noodles and cheesy bread after bringing down all the sails and flaking them neatly into their sail covers.

All the culture and comforts of the various islands we visit are amazing, but nothing can surpass the joy of feeling the wind in the face and spray of the sea as we hum along as real sailors