Location: Bourayne Bay, Huahine, French Polynesia

Today we left the lovely island of Raiatea and made our short voyage to our next destination, Huahine. With the spirit of adventure in our hearts and banana bread in our stomachs, we set sail early this morning and crossed an exceedingly turbulent stretch of sea. Much fun was had, and clothes drenched when several of us decided to sit on the bow of Argo as it rose and fell. During this passage, we had our first class occur while underway. While shouting over the winds and excellent usage of the expo-board, in the absence of power points, the class was successfully conducted on deck by sponge enthusiast Matty. After the excursion between islands, we entered a gorgeous Port Bourayne, where we discovered a breathtaking view, superb waters, and one impressive set of tan lines.