Location: Great Harbour Peter, Peter Island, BVI

Early this morning, we hauled up the anchor. We moved across the Drake Channel to Great Dog Island so that the Open Water students could finish up their certification with their last two dives, and the already certified divers could enjoy a fun dive. After giant striding off the starboard cap rail, everyone swam to our stern before descending to the seafloor. At the bottom, some did skills, and everyone took a moment to check out a plane wreck that had been sunk for a movie. After years of sitting on the bottom, coral has begun to grow, and fish have started to call the cockpit home. Once everyone was back on board, it was time to do some drills as we made our way to Peter Island. Each watch team divided up to talk through man overboard, fire, and abandon ship situations. Then we put our words into action, and we practiced each of the drills. We collected a life ring in record time, got the fire hose pumping saltwater in a blink of an eye, and even tasted the spare food rations that we had in our ditch kits. After everything was put away, we practiced sail handling with the main and the jib. With only two of our six sails up, we still made six knots down the Drake toward our evening destination. Now, as the evening wraps up with surprise cookies from Anna and Katie, everyone is heading down below to learn how to plan their own menus with Britt. Also, congratulations to all the Open Water divers who are now fully certified and ready to dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean.