Location: Underway to Tonga

The day for my watch team started at 12:00 am and continued until 4:00. After a tiresome watch, we returned to our bunks, newly furnished in wet foul weather gear, and passed out shipmates. Now on our third day of our 5-7 day passage, we have yet too see calm sees, with waves averaging between 10-15 ft. Most of us have overcome the sea sickness and nausea, however we now have to master our sea legs as the boat is constantly rocking at angles. After a long morning of rain, which we have now been forced to get used to, our water-maker was found broken during an engine room inspection. Fearing a long four days in water conservation mode, Captain Sam ferociously spent the afternoon repairing a broken piece until successfully getting it to a point where it returned to service. The rest of the afternoon was spent in class downstairs, and on watch in the rain (of course). However despite the rough seas and rain it is hard for one to complain as we sail through the South Pacific to an island strange, and unknown to most of us. And with this weather we have also been fortunate enough to have hailing winds at an average of around 20-30 knots, and a high of 40 knots today. With the main sail, main staysail and forward staysail all raised we have been sailing at around 10 knots, meaning our journey may be completed shorter than expected. The weather has not been ideal, however we see a bright horizon in our future.