Location: Sir Frances Drake Channel

Tired eyes were soon awakened with a warm oatmeal breakfast this morning. After cleaning up an enjoyable breakfast, it was time to run through the Ocean Star passage check-list and get everything secure for our first day of sail training! Once everything was in place and secure, we raised anchor and pulled out of Savannah Bay while a lecture on basic sailing concepts and principles took place in the cockpit. The wind was great early this morning, so the boat was filled with many eager faces ready to get sails up. After a proper sail raise walkthrough, we were finally underway cutting through the wind like a wet knife. Stumbles and balance tests quickly came into the picture for our first meal underway, but tuna sandwiches and PB and J’s were enjoyed by all. Lunch was followed by an afternoon filled with great weather and even better execution of sailing maneuvers while everyone rotated through stations to get a feel for Ocean Star doing what she does best. We came to anchor at Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda for the night. Tonight we will be continuing our Emergency First Responder class, and tomorrow will be a fun-filled day at a new dive site. Just another day in paradise!