Location: North Sound, Virgin Gorda

We started the day with a beautiful sunrise peeking over the rocky hills of Norman Island that we had hiked the day before. After a quick breakfast, we raised anchor for the very first time and set out for our first experience under sail. Over the next few hours, we learned the ropes, ” all 117 or so. Honestly, the trip was a bit tacky, but that’ll happen when you’re sailing into the wind as we traveled some 30 miles crisscrossing the waters of the BVI. We learned the ins and outs of raising, lowering, and trimming the sails for the most speed and efficiency, even managing to dip the port side railing into the ocean at one point, which left us speechless. Towards the end of the sail, Dana and Andrea braved the net to bring in the Flying Jib. With a little maneuvering, we laid anchor in Virgin Gorda for a relaxing evening of good food, camaraderie, and PADI studies.