Location: Rodney Bay St. Lucia

Upon waking up this morning, I was excited to give everyone a very calm relaxing wake-up, only to discover that 80% of the bunks were empty before 7 am. I quickly realized that everyone was already onshore. The thoughts of fresh smoothies and cooked breakfast had already woken up a large portion of the crew. I woke up the remaining four people on board, and we watched as everyone walked back towards the ship with frozen mango smoothies and envy overtook me until Maxime told me he had a gift for me and handed me a paper bag. A smile came over my face when I saw the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich inside, a very well-known favorite of mine back home. Soon after a delicious breakfast and a productive oceanography class, we began passage prep. Today’s sail wasn’t to a new beautiful location, but perhaps just as exciting. We exited the marina and sailed off the coast of St. Lucia for several hours, giving all of us, as well as our new captain, a chance to get more familiar with the aspect of sailing our home. We all grew more excited as we collectively began to feel more and more confident with the task of sailing. We learned multiple new maneuvers, such as tacking and jibing, which was quite exhilarating. The most exciting time came when someone shouted, “WHALE!!!.” Everyone looked over in excitement and then again screamed when the whale breached and landed with a massive splash. No one knew how such an enjoyable day, in amazing weather, could get any better until the dolphins showed up. They too began to leap out of the water, landing with large splashes, less than 20 yards from Ocean Star. Dinner was filled with everyone’s own personnel accounts of the day, and we all greatly enjoyed reliving it through other people’s perspectives. I am now off to catch up with the rest of the crew at the ice cream parlor, everyone’s favorite spot in the marina. And to the Diaz Los Santos family, Lucia loves and misses you very much and cannot wait to see all of you again soon.