Location: Mountain Point, BVI

The few of us on anchor watch each day have been ending our days or starting them to the stars coming out and the sun rising. Today Amanda, Casie, and Diane woke up early and made the best breakfast we’ve had so far. The open water class dove (literately) right into class and continued to practice skills underwater. The people in the advanced class have had a few moments of free time while the open waters are still getting used to this new experience. Watching the open water crew climb back on board and seeing the excitement in their faces has been rewarding for the staff members. Sam is the only crew member working on her divemaster, and she’s been enthusiastic about helping the new divers in the water. After all the diving was through, we packed up the ship and started our sail for the day. We took off after 2 p.m. and managed to raise all four sails on the boat this afternoon. Seeing all the sails up and everyone’s face of accomplishment was one of the best moments of the day. The cooks topped off the day with some chili and rice. After dinner was finished, we stood around the helm and did our nightly squeeze. I started everyone off, asking what their best moment of the day was. Hearing what everyone had to say about the environment we are in, and the people we are with made me really appreciate where I am today. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people I am going to be with for the next few weeks. Everyone has been in good spirits on the fourth day here on Ocean Star, and we plan on it staying that way. Hey mom, dad and Marsh, and Noah?