Location: 13,01.37 N 62,03.81 W

Happy Saint Patrick’s Dayyy!!!!!
That’s the first thing everyone heard this morning as I woke them up in my decked-out saint patty’s day outfit, which consisted of my green bikini, green beads, and 4 leaf clover sparkly green glasses. I was VERY excited. For breakfast, we had cereal and then did clean up. After clean up, we did the last few things that needed to go on passage which included topping the booms and taking all of our laundry off the lifelines. Smash also showed me how to check and grease the steering from inside the Laz to make sure that was all good to go underway to Bonaire. After passage prep was done, we had a marine bio lecture about marine reptiles and birds, which I personally really enjoyed. After class, we came up to find that our friends from ocean star had joined us in Long Island..too bad we are off today. Now it was time to get our brains poke. YAY! so we put the dinghies in the water and went to the testing center. This time we had to get two different tests. One PCR and one rapid test, and unfortunately, they were both brain pokers:( But honestly, at this point, I can’t even count the number of Covid tests I’ve had now, so they are really not too bad. As soon as we were back from the test, we put our sails up, and we were out of there! by this time, it was almost lunch. For lunch, the chefs, Calum, Ethan, and Smash, cooked up some mashed potatoes, french fries, sausage, gravy, and carrot slaw, which was delicious. after lunch, we did clean up and broke into our watch teams. Watch team 3 started with the dog watch from 12-2. after that, Watch Team 3 was up with the watch 2-6. during this time they saw some dolphins which I am very jealous of! Colm tried to wake me up to see them, but by the time I got up on deck, they were gone. Luckily Anthony took a video, so a least I got to see that! For dinner, we had some pasta with a creamy tomato sauce which was so tasty. Now my watch team is on with the dinner dog watch from 6-8. everyone seems to be adjusting back to passage life well. The sea-state has been a lot calmer than the last passage so far, so we will see how the night goes! We are all excited for Bonaire, and we should be there in the next 72 hours or so. That’s it for this blog. I hope everyone back home had a good Saint Patty’s day!

picture one: Calum waving by to Saint Vincent

Picture two: Calum, Sonnet, Katelyn, Maddie, Charlie, and Jordan waiting to get their brains poked.

Picture three: everyone hanging out in the cockpit after dinner