Location: Bequia

Today was a very relaxing day for the crew of Ocean Star. Well, maybe a bit stressful for the crew as they cram for their Oceanography midterm tonight. But none the less the day was spent aboard studying, catching up on work and having a little diving fun to break it all up. The students are getting further along with their advance water diving certification by completing their wreck dive today. The Statham Tugboat wreck lies in roughly 60′ of water sitting up right with the top of the boat at about 15′. The ball that marks the wreck had gone missing so it took us a while to locate the ship. As we trawled for the wreck I free dove down when I saw some debris on the bottom. As the debris ended up being nothing I turned to swim back to the surface and right in front of me out of the gloom appeared a massive dark shape. Two quick kicks towards the object revealed the bow of the vessel looming above me. As I kicked slowly to the surface I came up over the bow, along the foredeck and up to the wheel house and finally to the surface. If you have never seen a shipwreck underwater it is quite an impressive sight! Especially when it catches you off guard. The Statham tugboat is roughly 40′ to 50′ with plenty of growth on it and fairly well intact still. To have that looming above you and appearing out of your field of vision is like stepping into a ghost story. Here once walked people just like you but now none remain. A little over dramatized but still its very cool to experience. The crew all felt the same as the dive was a big hit for all. Now the day is coming to a close with dinner clean up underway. I step on deck briefly and I can hear the talk of science questions as the students involved in dish clean up take advantage of working with Laurie to have her quiz them while cleaning. What other university do you know where you can have your professor help you study while you’re cleaning up dishes after dinner. Another unique advantage of Seamester! setdate:2012-10-21