Location: Curacao

Today started with a combined oceanography/marine biology lab where we collected plankton and observed the different species under a microscope. We also learned how to operate the dinghies, which was a lot of fun. Once we were cleared into the country, we had the rest of the day off. Some of us went into town, while others stayed around the boat and had an intense game of beach volleyball. Motoring slowly into port yesterday, the island looked sunny and beautiful; the students couldn’t wait to get onto shore. The adventure into town was a bit of a handful, with public buses and the one road into and out of town, but once in the city center, it was worth it. The currency was the most interesting thing to see today; most students had never seen the Netherlands Antillean Guilders before. The floating market was a very unique part of this island, with mornings busy with fruit buyers and browsers. Today was a mix of relaxation and adventure, and tomorrow promises more of the same in this beautiful island paradise.