Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Here we are in Nelsons Dockyard, loving every moment. This morning Nick and Emma took all of the students around the corner to a picturesque tidal pool called the Pillars of Hercules. After a short hike, they had a nice view overlooking the coast of Antigua. This cool ecosystem is the home to crabs, urchins, plankton, and so much more. After a couple of hours exploring the area and watching the waves crash on the rocks, everyone headed back for lunch onboard Ocean Star.

This afternoon was full of more hands-on science with Nick and Emma. On the Northside of the island, there is a stingray cleaning station in the shallow blue waters. There, the students swam and played with the stingrays. Tonight we are all enjoying the scenic dockyard and looking forward to what tomorrow bringsall the best to our friends and family with much love from beautiful Ocean Star.