Location: Antigua

We awoke, anchored just outside Falmouth Harbour, a little earlier than usual. The premature start was so that we could move the boat into the safety of English Harbour, about 20 minutes away. English Harbour was once a British naval stronghold, the remnants of which are still visible today. As we cruised past the castle-like ruins, we lowered Irving into the water, accompanied by a team of shipmates to speed to the dock prior to Ocean Stars’ arrival. The dock team is to receive the docking lines which secure the boat to dry land. The rest of us prepared the lines, ready to propel at the receivers. Safely fastened within the marina, the new objective was to eradicate the mess created by the previous night’s passage. All hands were on deck, creating a frenzy of cleanliness that spread throughout the whole boat. The land tempted us as we were confined to Ocean Star’s pristine quarters while waiting to clear customs. Time on shore was a welcomed break from the rocky nature of the ocean; the stationary ground made for easy walking. For dinner, we devoured the three fish we had snagged the previous day. The fresh catch was accompanied by a medley of butternut squash, onions, and tomatoes. Tasty.

Jack Tasty