Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today, we did an early start to the day by singing “Buenos dias seor sol” as we had a two-tank dive to do. After a speedy cleanup, we went to the dive shop, where we boarded their boat and went diving. Our first dive was a deeper dive where we kept seeing squirrel fish, parrot fish, and many different grunts. But more importantly, we saw two seahorses!! After that, we had an hour surface interval enjoying the top sun deck on board and then did a second dive at Champagne Reef. The reason for the name was revealed at the end of the dive, where thermic waters made the whole reef look like a giant glass of champagne with bubbles coming out of the seafloor. If you put your hand over them, you could feel warmth from the bubbles. After the dives, we had a scenic boat ride in the afternoon. Although we didn’t spot whales as hoped, we saw dolphins. To finish the day, Drew threw a techno rave in the dishy pit for a fun and efficient cleanup.

The picture below includes fresh vanilla beans picked from the garden of one of our tour guides, Poncho, who brought them to us this morning with specific instructions to dry them.