Location: Elba, Italy

Today we woke up after our first night of anchor watches (two people watch the boat for an hour from the hours of 9 pm to 7 am), so some of us were a bit more tired than we had been the other nights, but today was not made for resting. We were split up into two groups; the first group went scuba diving in the morning while the second went hiking and then switched after lunch. The scuba diving had mixed reviews from the morning considering the waves, the salt (which meant it was harder to stay under without floating up), and our inexperience, but, after a better site was found for the second group, were all still really positive and ready to go diving again tomorrow! The hike was unexpected in that on our way up, it was so steep in parts that we ended up using hands and feet to climb, but it was great group bonding, and not only did we see mountain goats on the way, but we also had the most incredible views of the island. After a Mexican Fiesta dinner (burritos/tacos/etc.), we had our intros to Marine Biology and Seamanship and then geared up for our second round of anchor watches.