Location: Krabi, Thailand

Well, that’s it, folks, the crew of Argo have finished all of their confined water dives, so the next stop is open water!! The new stock of budding SCUBA divers finished up the list of underwater skills that we needed to master this morning in the same protected shore area. Soon we will be taking our new-found skills out into the ocean to explore all that the sea has to offer. We also continued our exploration of Argo, learning all we will need to know to be on watch when we are underway. Our first classes, Marine Biology and Basic Seamanship, also met today, so our brains are jam-packed with nautical terms and ocean creatures. It’s difficult to remember all the different names for the parts of the sails, but we have made a great start. Our knowledge of SCUBA and sailing has been growing by leaps and bounds. Soon we will be able to control our buoyancy, sweat the halyard, and dog the hatches with ease.

To celebrate all our hard work, we will be going ashore for the first time since the trip began. It’ll be fun to explore the local nightlife and hang out on land. It’s been a full day; I think some ice cream will be a welcome treat!