Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

We awoke on this bright sunny morning to the smell of melted cheese. Ash had woken up especially early to whip up a Spanish specialty, migas. The perfect start to our day.

Today was all about scuba. The more experienced divers among us took to the fresh blue waters of Falmouth Harbour for a refresher. Up on deck, we newbies began to learn about the technical setup of our scuba gear. Before long, we were called up on deck for lunchtime to the smell of fresh bread. Ash was at it again. We’ve only been here since Tuesday, but it already feels like we’ve known each other for weeks; playful banter and (maybe a bit too) high-pitched laughter is everywhere.

We soon returned to our scuba study, learning about all kinds of equipment and practices. Afterward, we all jumped in the water, because after all, what’s a day at sea without a refreshing plunge? As another one of Ash’s delicious meals came to a close, we all chatted about our favorite TV show characters. It seems impossible how many of us happen to share such a love for Schitt’s Creek and Avatar.

We wrapped up the end of our day with a seamanship course from Smash. While this is all quite new for many of us, I can confirm one thing for sure: we’re catching the sea bug.