Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Anchored in Falmouth Harbour, we had a wonderful dive-heavy day. We woke up to some delicious french toast made by Ash, Hannah, and Alex. After a quick clean on deck, the certified divers took a short five-minute dinghy ride to our dive spot. We saw a stingray, did some underwater backflips, and came across the largest Lionfish I’ve ever seen. As we surfaced, we were hit with a rainstorm (already wet, it was loads of fun).

The divers currently getting their open-water certifications spent the morning learning to read RDP tables, which help you plan the length of your safety stop depending on the depth and time of your dive. Today’s chefs followed up breakfast with some delicious egg-potato burritos for lunch. The already certified divers spent the afternoon studying and creating their fish ID logs, where we get to study the fish that we see on our dives (talk about experiential learning, right!?)

Tonight, we look forward to Seamanship class taught by our awesome instructor Calum!