Location: Slipway, English Harbor, Antigua

Hello Parents and anyone else reading this,

Today we woke up to the soothing sounds of Runaway by Galantis at (some would say) a ridiculously high volume. It got us very excited to get going with all of the fun activities we had planned today. LoLo came in clutch with three amazing 5-star meals. Peanut butter, banana, and Nutella crepes for breakfast, Chili, and leftovers for lunch, with a stupendous Thai green curry to top it all off for dinner. Morning duties were done to perfection, like usual, and we were then headed off to sea in the dinghies. One group went with Cap’n Steve to learn how to drive the dinghies while the other group stayed in to learn all that PADI had to offer about scuba diving. After our lessons and the return of the dingy professional drivers, we ate and headed back out again. This time with one group putting their newly learned scuba skills to practice while the other group went on a hike around the island. Our sunburned bodies may have been slowing down already, but the strive for greatness outweighed our lack of energy, and enthusiasm was at an all-time high. Dinner was served, and at one point, a fellow sailor named Mathew was asked: “What kind of food would you be?” He promptly stated an “unlabeled hot pocket” with a hilarious explanation to go along with it. We then were introduced to the rigorous courses that we will soon be studying, which brings me to now where I am sharing all of this information to you. It just started to rain on us extremely hard out of nowhere like it usually does every couple of hours. We’ll all be crammed into the salon for a while, attempting to watch movies and listening to music. Hopefully, everybody will get some good sleep tonight so we can do it all again tomorrow.

See you soon,
Skipper Rob

Pictured: Cara and Faith on deck, Casey and Kyle suiting up for their dive, Padi’s Instructional videos putting us to sleep, chores being done by everyone, and various scenes from throughout the day.