Location: Carriacou


Today began with a somewhat stressful paper deadline, as students who had been procrastinating so far, chose to write papers by sacrificing some of their sleeping time. Once the papers were in, we had a marine biology class, then prepared for a dive. The dive was a very shallow one through a coral reef littered with manmade sculptures. It was quite a sight. Most of us dove the Sculpture Garden; some snorkeled their way. We chased the dive with grilled cheese, and then prepared the boat for passage. Sails up and everything else lashed down; we set off for Carriacou, a small island off Grenada. During the passage, we cooked dinner. Cooking in a kitchen angled 10 degrees to the left never fails to be an experience.

Nevertheless, the stir-fry came out well. After dinner, we sat down to a well-deserved meal that vanished all too quickly. After dinner, we all laid on the deck, looking up marveling at the insanely starry sky and our sails up against them. By then, we had reached Carriacou. The crew bravely tackled, taking down the sails, dropping anchor, and repairing a ravaged kitchen. Now we shower. Then, finally, we sleep.