Location: Underway to Grenada

Today we lifted anchor and began our two day passage to the island country of Grenada, raising four sails in only fourteen minutes! I manned the helm and drove us out of harbor; steering this vessel can be tricky but It was a honor and a thrill to drive such a beautiful ship. We are now functioning like a true crew of sailors relying less on our staff members and more on each other to get things done. During my watch shift one of our hand lines hooked a small tuna; I pulled it out and we shared a seafood snack as fresh as it gets! Our snack couldn’t have been better timed because soon after the once calm waters became turbid and we were in for a bumpy but exhilarating ride where doing the simplest chores can become a very interesting endeavor! With our ship at a 15-degree tilt we had to improvise while serving ourselves dinner, using the cap rails for support, Duncan and I broke into laughter realizing how ridiculous we actually looked. We are now watching the star lit sky cracking jokes and enjoying every moment like one big family.

Note from the crew – we have now safely arrived into our anchorage in Grenada after our 2 day passage! More blogs to come tonight!