Location: 17 15.80'S 150 17.80'W

Closing up on the first week aboard Argo, I think most of us have adjusted to waking up at 7 am and sitting anchor watch for an hour in the middle of the night. I really enjoy anchor watch because even though the almost full moon blocks most of the stars now, it is quiet and peaceful at sea. Today was our last morning in Moorea before we began our first passage to Tahaa. Our Open Water divers headed out to complete their confined water divers, accompanied by Charlotte and Katie, who are aiming to get their Divemaster certification. The rest of us stayed aboard Argo and learned about some of the necessary steps of passage prep, such as preparing the sails, tying down the dinghies, and preparing our rooms and the rest of the ship for 40/40 (so that nothing will fall at 40 degrees tilt or with 40 knots of wind). After lunch, we talked about all of the safety features and what to do in an emergency situation (don’t worry, parents, in the highly unlikely case something happens, we’re prepared!). We also set our watch teams for our 4-hour passage shifts tonight and were briefed on what we do on watch. Our teams of seven are responsible for boat checks (making sure everything is working as it should), working the helm (steering), and bow watch (to make sure we don’t hit anything). Around 2-2:30, we set off for our 19- hour passage. We should reach Tahaa sometime around 11 am, if not before. It was cool to watch Moorea fade away in the distance and watch the sunset on the open ocean. This was the first time I’ve been on the water and looked around to see nothing but darkness and the open ocean, a surreal experience. Shortly after leaving, some of us began to feel the effects of the rolling ocean, made even more dramatic when down below. I can’t say I was a fan of the sensation, and I’m sure some others would agree with me there. However, I’m confident we will all earn our sea legs soon and am excited to see what the next few months have in store for us as we become closer, take on more passengers next week, and learn more about how to sail. Bye for now!