Location: UW to Dominica

Today was our first full day on the sea. A rough and rocky ride awaited as I was woken for team 3’s 4:00 am to 8 am watch. The smell of the cabin was an unfortunate one so i made my way quickly to deck. I did not have much time to blink out of sleep, though. 30 minutes prior to our watch beginning, our reefing line popped. This meant the first hour of team 3’s watch was spent putting in the new reef. As an aside, I will add that I am currently writing this blog at 6 pm the same day. It feels like this morning could have been a week ago. After the flurry of motion that was that first hour of watch, tough times befell me. Unlike a few of my crew mates, I had been fine up until this point. The motion of the sea caught up to me. I spent the rest of the watch on deck feeding the fish. I always maintained the belief that seasickness could be conquered by not acknowledging its existence. This hypothesis was disproven in a strong fashion today. We continued to sail our course from Antigua to Dominica. Eventually, we made our first tack and began the upwind leg of our journey. The interim between this first tack and dinner is fully a blur.

No sleep from 4 am through the day makes it hard for the brain to function. At around dinner time, we moved too behind Guadalupe in its shadow. This gave us much calmer seas and a chance to relax and catch our breath. It also managed to subdue all the seasickness on board, something that many had been dealing with for a full 24 hours at this point. The view from our boat was pretty incredible. With Guadalupe off our port side, we saw a gorgeous rainbow over the island and turned around just in time to see the sun dip below the horizon in a flowing array of warm shades. The plan as of now is to take our last leg to Dominica and sail through the evening, hoping to arrive around midnight. With this arrival comes a chance to anchor and get some much-needed sleep.

HONK, Drew