Location: On Passage

Hello, friends and family of the Argo crew,

The past few days have been a whirlwind; between scoping out dive sites that Argo has never visited before, giving Argo the scrub she needed, and getting the boat passage ready, it’s safe to say we’ve been busy. This crew is definitely ready to put some miles under their belts, though, so today, we said goodbye to Florida. Lifting anchors and getting the sails up for a long passage is always a really exciting time. We have all improved greatly on figuring out which line is which and in what order things need to happen in order to get Argo moving. Marley was our fearless leader today and helped guide us during the sail raise, which was greatly appreciated. We had lots of small boats coming close to check us out, which could sometimes be alarming for bow watch, but they persevered. Now that land has disappeared from sight, and the watch team rotation has started, everyone is beginning to settle into passage life.