Location: Basse Terre, St. Kitts

After docking in St Kitts moral took an even larger boost. Everyone has had a fantastic time so far, but the addition of on shore showers and bathrooms here in St. Kitts has even increased those feelings. St. Kitts has been extraordinary in on shore activities. We traveled to the east side of the island where a Colonial Era British fort sits on top of a beautiful mountain overlooking the entire rest of the island. All the students posed for picture atop the fort, standing on cannons or the siege walls. Ryn especially loved the architecture of the Fort. Most feel that it was the best land expedition we’ve done so far. After the adventure to the Fort Brimstone the students were encouraged to explore the on shore amenities. Most everyone went out for lunch exploring the local seafood and other native cuisines. Some highlights included Conch Fritters for Edouard, Lobster Rolls, pan fried Grouper and Chips for Will, and Jerk Chicken for JP. Even Dominos received some love from Jacob and Van, all of which received stellar reviews. Students broke off into small groups to explore the local shops; many people sorted out needs such as sunglasses, which looked great on Matt, new flip flops, which are very stylish on Andi, a very handsome turtle necklace for Danny, crackers for Meaghan (for the peanut butter) and Albert settled his sweet tooth with ice cream, Twix and Snickers. The day was extremely fun and successful and seemed to be widely regarded as one of the best days so far. Spirits are extremely high as I write this blog post sitting in the salon with the entire crew. Dinner was sensational spicy chicken burritos, and we will soon have our first leadership class of the voyage